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Artistic Statement

 Sometimes silence is not golden.

Sometimes silence is not golden.


Just a quiet girl from a not so quiet city...


Inspired by daily events in my own life and culture, I often feel that as a woman who grew up in the inner city, it is rare that I find content that I can truly relate to. I think that it's not that the experiences are uncommon but more that our stories are untold.


Emerging from a city with an incomparable level of diversity, history, and plight. My stories capture the very essence of what it means to exist in a place of discord and proliferation. Whether documentary or comedy, I will explore the human soul; and through film, I intend to capture its essence.


The beauty of my writing is that it is pure and quite unadulterated and set to not only entertain, but also inform. I believe that film will be the future's most important journal of our past. I greatly feel that storytelling is in my DNA, and that filmmaking has become my preferred method of transmittal.


Through my work “Top Shelf” I explore some of the effects of modern day gentrification in an evolving city filled with art, music and chaos.  This comedic story takes you through the life of a woman who boldly challenges the status quo of what it means to be a modern divorced mother in the age of electronic music and social media.



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